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Datum: Dienstag, 03.03.2020
Einlass: 19:00 Uhr, Beginn: 20:00 Uhr
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ULI JON ROTH – guitarist extraordinaire and multi-media artist – is going it alone. ULI has performed on stage with bands for over fifty years, but this is the first time he will tour alone, offering essentially a one-man multi-media show. He is now embarking on a world tour of epic proportions, kicking off with a series of concerts in Japan and Asia, followed by Europe, North & South America, Australia and Africa.

Uli Jon Roth (D) | Vivaldi`s Vier Jahreszeiten | Club Tante JU, DresdenULI JON ROTH is widely regarded as one of the greatest guitar players ever. He is mostly renowned for his ground-breaking contributions to the electric guitar in the field of rock, but this time he takes us on a fascinating musical journey which is bridging the creative worlds of classical, ethnic and rock music in an unprecedented way.

With the INTERSTELLAR SKY GUITAR WORLD TOUR, ULI is offering an incredible two hour Solo Show (with intermission) which is complimented by multi-media screens and holograms telling stories of Heaven and Earth. On this tour, ULI is exploring a different facet of his genius – breathtaking virtuoso guitar playing combined with poetic lyricism and beauty and an artistic and humanitarian message.

ULI’S guitar playing is simply in a class of its own, and this show is incomparable, because no other player on the planet is able to blend classical and rock music in such an organic and convincing manner. Although ULI performs well-known classical masterpieces virtually note for note, the result is something truly unique and exhilarating. Here is someone who is not afraid of breaking down the rigid boundaries between classical, ethnic and rock – and precisely, because he understands both worlds so well – he is in a unique position to make this work. The results are both thrilling and exciting.

Though this is a solo show, there are two other stars in this show. The first of these is the beautiful 7-string SKY GUITAR “EXCALIBUR” – quite simply the most advanced electric guitar ever built.
This is rivalled by the 9-string FLAMENCO SKY GUITAR with its unprecedented range and warm and haunting tone, which at times is reminiscent of SEGOVIA.
These two guitars – both of his own invention, allow ULI’s talent to fully express itself.

The program consists of two halves with a 15 minute intermission. In Part I of INTERSTELLAR SKY GUITAR, ULI JON ROTH is performing some of the most beautiful classical masterpieces ever written, by MOZART, BACH, CHOPIN and others. This is interspersed with a selection of his own highly melodic new compositions and improvisations for the 9-STRING FLAMENCO SKY GUITAR. ULI has created his own unique style of finger picking especially for this ground-breaking instrument. The vastly extended bass range of the extra open strings inspires him to explore the classical nylon guitar in completely new ways, because it offers a vastly increased palette of chordal and tonal possibilities, which ULI is only too eager to explore. Just like he previously did with the electric guitar – ULI JON ROTH is once again pushing the boundaries of what was previously thought impossible on the Nylon guitar. The 9-STRING SKY GUITAR is effectively a new instrument and Uli had to develop a new technique to master it which was a real challenge. To achieve this ULI is drawing on both classical as well as flamenco rasguedo techniques coupled with his phenomenal left hand.
The 9-STRING FLAMENCO SKY GUITAR sounds incredibly rich and sonorous and It sometimes even resonates like a small orchestra in itself.

The musical centrepiece of the INTERSTELLAR SKY GUITAR show is “METAMORPHOSIS OF THE SEASONS” – essentially a double concerto consisting of the whole of “VIVALDI’S FOUR SEASONS”, which is then seamlessly followed by Uli’s own “METAMORPHOSIS CONCERTO for 7-STRING SKY GUITAR”.
The extremely famous and timeless master piece by ANTONIO VIVALDI was originally written for the baroque violin in 1723 and cannot be performed on standard guitars at the original pitch. It is only playable on SKY GUITARS in the original voicings with their vastly extended upper and lower octaves and pushes the electric guitar to the limits. ULI is faithfully playing the original violin parts, but interpreting it in his highly expressively personal – almost romanticized – free flowing, abandoned style, breaking free from classical tradition of interpretation. In doing so, he is offering a completely novel, individualistic and refreshing angle on how to interpret this timeless master piece. ULI also added percussion and a mystical sound track to the score and wrote his own METAMORPHOSIS CONCERTO, which is in a way a 21st century off-spring of the VIVALDI – effectively a “fifth season” – which seamlessly follows VIVALDI’S masterpiece.

The result is both stunning in its originality and breathtaking virtuosity. It completely transforms the original VIVALDI’S FOUR SEASONS and takes them into the 21st century in a truly exilarating way which needs to be heard for oneself.

While ULI is playing the METAMORPHOSIS he is also interacting and synchronzing with the SKY ORCHESTRA on the screen, with all the participants clad in beautiful Renaissance costumes. It is a sight to behold.

The scope of the INTERSTELLAR SKY GUITAR CONCERT is astonishing and bold, because in PART II, ULI JON ROTH also delves into the depths of some of his most meaningful rock pieces, including the haunting and very moving “ENOLA GAY – HIROSHIMA TODAY?” as well as other own classics from his pen like “THE SAILS OF CHARON” from his SCORPIONS days in the Seventies and “FIRE WIND”, which he wrote for his band ELECTRIC SUN in the Eighties. These pieces have inspired generations of younger guitar players and the revolutionary guitar techniques – which were way ahead of their time then – served as a blue-print for legions neo-classical players. On the INTERSTELLAR SKY GUITAR TOUR ULI brings them to life again in a new way.
Uli is also know for being an inspired improviser, who is able to create riveting new music completely ad hoc, taking the listener with him on a journey into the unknown. For every show, ULI will perform some free improvisations on both, piano and guitar.

ULI JON ROTH’s spellbinding performances are augmented and reinforced by a clever array of multimedia screens, which are projecting several different images at once. The content is perfectly matched to the music at hand and often tells a complete and moving story as in “HIROSHIMA” which has the power to move audiences to tears due to its emotional intensity.

This show is perfectly geared for Performing Arts Centers as well as small to medium-sized theaters. There are some props, but stage requirements can be kept flexible. The artist is carrying his own amplifiers, PA, stage theater lights and projection equipment. The volume can be tailored to any size of venue.

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